We're excited to announce our new trans-Tasman pick and ship service!

Buy what you want at IKEA Australia or any other retailer.

Shipments close on the 5th of each month. Receive your order before end of month.

Please contact us if you have urgent shipping requirements. *Myflatpack reserves the right to close shipment early.

Shipping calculator.

Quickly estimate what your order will cost.

instant estimate

How it works.

Have you seen something in Australia that's cheaper or unavailable in New Zealand?

We'll provide an instant estimate to purchase and import.

Our agent will go to the retailer of your choice and purchase your order.

We palletise, ship your order and clear through NZ Customs.

You collect your order from your nearest New Zealand Mainfreight depot within a few weeks.

Instant estimate

We're the IKEA experts!

Shipping IKEA to NZ since 2010 makes us the experts when it comes to handling your IKEA order, big or small.

Order what you want from IKEA's massive stock range now!

Other Melbourne retailers...

We'll take the hard work out of buying and shipping almost anything from Melbourne.  

Check out the websites of a few of our favourite Melbourne stores including Temple and Webster, West Elm, Matt Blatt, Mark Tuckey and Schots Home Emporium...the options are endless.