Working Hard

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How far is your commute? 20, 30km? What about 1,000? When your business is in Auckland but your heart and home is in the hills of Rangiora, you learn to deal with the distance. It certainly makes things interesting, and a little bit special, when you want to get the gang together for a business meeting. Truth be told the business talk was confined to the car rides as we drove from cool spot to cooler spot, including a bit of casual caving, a splash in the river and local sightseeing. It’s enough to make you shed a tear for everyone stuck in a board room all day!

Heading through Cave Stream out at Castle Hill. You won’t find queues of people or safety guides here. Just  you and the eels.

Emerging victorious half an hour later. Now where was that Frodo guy, I want my ring back.

Unmistakably South Island rivers look mighty tempting coming up on 30 degrees.

Our very own Springfield hosts a big old doughnut. Real (and delicious) food followed soon after back in Rangiora.

 A day well spent!


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