The Shoot

One of the cool things about our selection of Ikea products is how they can all work together in a space, often in ways you might not necessarily think of at first glance. We know it can be hard to visualise these things by looking at the product on its own so to illustrate this we teamed up with Auckland based stylist Amber Armitage, who with her years of experience jazzing up the pages of Homestyle Magazine designed and shot a couple of our very own scenes which now grace the front page.

If you’ve got a sunny corner of the room that you want to make warm and comfortable without overbearing furniture, consider something like this. Amber used the fine wooden forms of the Poang Armchair and Nornas Bench as the backbone of this set, with the Bekvam Step Stool and iconic Frosta Stool creating a dynamic come-and-go feature to use when a bit of extra surface area is needed.

The Lohals Rug connects everything on the bottom floor, while Gurli and Sanela Cushion Covers team up with an Ursula throw to soften things up a bit upstairs.

When the sun disappears, it’s the Harte Lamp’s time to shine. Greenery is kept in Cylinder and Ensidig Vases and Mandel Pots, and an Ikea 365+ Mug and Coaster keeps your coffee hot and your bench top safe.

Life isn’t all leisure though, and in this next set Amber shows us how your work station doesn’t have to be soul-crushingly dull. Focus is kept on your task by stripping back the colour palette to the bare essentials, a side effect of this is a sophisticated and organised aesthetic.

On the back wall the thin form of the Botkyrka Shelf, another one of our new products this year, seems to float everything you need at arms length. Tjena Boxes and the plywood Knuff Mag File keep the place clean as the ever elegant Tral Work Lamp peeks over your shoulder to check for mistakes.

Everything sits on a Linnmon Table Top paired with Adils Legs, no reason to over complicate things here, plus it’s more room to stretch out those legs as you wheel around on a Sporren Swivel Chair. All the important bits slip into the Helmer Drawer Unit off to the side, and to wrap it all up, the Vraby Rug continues the colour theme and gives you something to dig your toes into.

So there you have it! This is just one person’s take on how to use a handful of our products together. Using different products, colours and arrangements it’s possible to create a tailor made space that’s the perfect fit for you and your life. You just need a bit of imagination…

And a stylist doesn’t hurt either, thanks Amber!


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