Our story

When the head honchos at Ikea were throwing darts at a world map to decide where to open, little old New Zealand missed out and its been a sore fact ever since. Luckily for all of us, a Canterbury man put down his shepherd stick and decided to do something about it. Five years ago the first shipment of Ikea furniture hit the country under the freshly christened Myflatpack banner and was quickly snapped up by the hungry masses.

We've come a long way since then, and we've learnt a lot. With this new chapter in the Myflatpack story, we're excited to be able to offer our favourite pieces from Ikea's home office range and more. Shaped by a set of design values that are important to us personally, our range reflects perfect simplicity, usefulness and beauty.


Because I'm a bit under qualified to be called "Captain of Industry", I'll go with Operations Manager to describe what I do around here. I handle the day to day on the ground things, you'll meet me if you have any questions about our products and I've got your back should you need assistance. My background in design might come in handy if you need some help planning your new room, too.


The aforementioned Great Southern Man. When he's not hiking through the local mountains or building cabins, he's importing our Ikea products from across the world and coordinating our shipments. It's good to have a boss as savvy with a nail gun as he is with business.


Design aficionado and Myflatpack's First Lady. Much of our success can be attributed to her guidance and having her finger ever on the pulse of cool. With over 9000 products in Ikea's catalogue, she's instrumental in shaping our range into one that reflects our own personal values.